IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

Photos (Dec ’13)


The front of the house, showing the RAB board from James Hardie. Top left, master bedroom. Bottom right, lounge.


Looking from the front of the house, through the lounge, dining, and kitchen.


The master bedroom, with the opening to downstairs on the right, and the wardrobe on the left (with low head-height storage behind).


The upstairs sitting area, off the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. This connects to the deck over the garage. This will also be the TV room, small but cosy.


Looking into the master ensuite. Shower on right (recessed), vanity to on on left, and the WC is on the western wall, which will have an obscure glass window providing light.



Looking down through the master wardrobe, into the storage area.



Looking out the eastern wall side of the master bedroom, out to the hills which now can’t be built out. Great sunrise views.



The front windows of the master bedroom, set back in to provide shade fro the Northern sun.



Roof-deck over the garage. This will get waterproofing from Viking Skellerup shortly after Christmas, and then a floating tile system (600x600mm tiles suspended on jacks).



Where our stair-case will be. Thanks to the generous people at Top Flyte Stairs (who will be building our bamboo staircase) for loaning the temporary stairs for the duration of the build.



The central room outside the end bedrooms, which will also house some kids toys and workstation area. Amazing stud height, probably 2 stories high. Good thing we’ll have Philips LED lights (supplied via Ideal Electrical) so we won’t have to change them for many years!



On the left, the staircase to the master area upstairs. Just beside that the front door. To the right, looking through the lounge to the double french doors on the Northern side of the home (facing the road).



Exterior view, from the South-East corner.  Roof on. James Hardie RAB board up. Battens (timber for James Hardie Linea) and insulated Cavibats for the vertical Stria from James Hardie on the top.



South West corner of the section. You can see the recessed large window area, which will have a pergola outside, covered in Solasafe polycarbonate from Ampelite roofing. This will provide 99.9% UV protection, and a dry area where we can BBQ and the kids can play all year round.



A closer view of the large recessed windows. The top section will have vertical louvres installed to proect the home from the hot Western sun. The bottom will be protected by the pergola.



Our James Hardie Linea weatherboards (150mm) all ready to be installed. All we need now are the powder-coated flashings to arrive back from the flashing supplier after Christmas so the builders can get on with the cladding!



Finally a view of the front of the house. Garage door opening on the right (which will take a SmartDoor, a 40mm insulated garage door system).  Otherwise known as a Defender garage door, which will have seals around the edges, and wired into the same remotes as the front automatic (solar powered) gates.


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