IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

Green by Beam

beambeam image

The special edition all-in-one Beam by Electrolux, with a complete progression speed control hose, 4 piece cleaning set and hose hanger.

  • Longer product life having 10 years of tested cleaning performance with regular home cleaning
  • High efficiency motor has low energy consumption in the cleaning process
  • Lowest stand-by energy consumption and meets all European energy standards
  • Remote speed control hose for energy savings
  • All-in-one packaging uses less packaging materials and lower transporation resources
  • Meets all European regulations for recyclable materials
  • GORE-TEX(r) self cleaning filter – no need to replace filters or purchase seperate dust bags
  • 600 AIRWATTS, LCD screen

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