IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.



Born out of a passion for sustainability, design and the environment, eZED is the answer for the discerning homeowner, developer or agribusiness. A pioneering multidisciplinary practice that is continually striving to improve our environment. The latest industry technology and thinking are continually researched in order to give you the latest knowledge, you save time and resources in lengthy research. Our company is 100% New Zealand owned by us. You can rely on our fully independent advice and unbiased opinion.

For any project with sustainable design and energy efficiency in mind, contact us now!

eZED will be completing the following for the project. Passive House Design Consulting services including;

Modelling the building using PHPP (Passive House Project Planner) software, this not only analyses the thermal performance but the overall primary energy demand for the house.

Advising on U values required to meet Passive House standard.

Reviewing thermal bridging, an effectively thermal bridge free construction is required to meet

Passive House standard. This may require additional computer analysis using Therm of critical junctions.

Recommend window constructions including edge spacers, coatings, gas fill, thermal breaks and installation detailing.

Review heat recovery ventilation system requirements.

Assist in developing and reviewing the airtightness detailing.

Compile documentation for submission to Passive House Certifier and liase with them on your behalf.

Undertake blower door test at project completion.

Depending on the selected construction method it is common to undertake hygrothermal (WUFI) analysis to ensure the movement of water vapour through the building envelope does not cause a risk of condensation dew point) and subsequent fungal growth. This may be requested by the Passive House Certifier.

Provide review and support service for HomeStar Certification as required.


Click here to see Denise Henkenhaf, the eZED consultant overseeing the PH design and certification.

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