IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

Video & sensors


For those that cannot make it to Auckland for a house tour, we’ve created a 45 minute video running through the key aspects of the Ideal House. We hope this gives you some ideas for your own sustainable build project.

The open homes through winter have been extremely busy with plenty of visits from designers and people looking to build in the near future. We will have a break for a few weeks, and then will post new open dates for Spring.

We’re loving living in the Ideal House through our first full winter, and the home is just as warm, quiet and healthy as we had hoped. We have also just installed sensors throughout the house, which are being managed by Priscila Besen, student at The University of Auckland, supported by Paola Leardini. The sensors will monitor temperature, humidity, Co2, light (inside and outside) as well as some placed at the intake and exhaust vents of the Zehnder ventilation system. We also have sensors embedded either side of the Southern wall. The supplier in Italy is about to give us online access to all the data once they get back from holiday and we can’t wait to have this information.

2 thoughts on “Video & sensors

  1. I am keen to find out more about your fireplace. I am building a strawbale passive house and am desperate for an open fire. I know everyone runs a mile when I say this but you seem to have a solution that gets someway there. Cannot find any other contact details on your web site to leaving this here. Thanks.

    • The fireplace is a Bodart and Gonay. We imported it directly from the manufacturer in Belgium. It is the second of its kind in New Zealand, the first was brought in by Philip from the first Passive House. Send me your email and I can send you the manual and invoices etc. It is a Passive House certified fireplace, and the combustion chamber is sealed from inside the house.

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