IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

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Insulation, cladding & windows

The team from Apex Ceilings have spent the last few days furiously installing the significant amount of Earthwool® glasswool insulation. They have installed the R5.2 ceiling sections right across the roof, between the 900mm spaced I-beams. Also the R2.8 90mm into the walls – of which they will come back later and install the R1.4 50mm Earthwool® glasswool on the horrizontal battens, and they have installed some of the R2.2 90mm in the internal walls, used for acoustic blocking. We will try and keep as many services out of the external walls, but where we have to we will run them through this service cavity. They have almost finished insulated the garage (outside the thermal envelope, but we’re using code-levels of insulation and off-cuts to add some protection). We plan to be installing the Intello membrane from pro clima later next week, and then our first blower-door pressure testing which will be a huge milestone for the project.

The cladding is now going ahead with great speed, and the James Hardie Scyon® Stria® vertical cladding, is being added to the Scyon® Linea® weatherboards which have already been installed. We should be completely clad in the next week, and have just ordered the Dulux paint, and booked out painter in. The PV panels will be installed during this time, and then all the scaffolding can come down and the home will look complete from the outside.

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Windows & Doors (Feb ’14)

We are extremely pleased to finally have our triple glazed windows and doors being installed. Although we had to wait for these to arrive from Europe, the quality of them is incredible and the five point locking mechanisms pull the windows back solid into their frames. We also love how they can tilt forward, or open right up. In keeping with European norms, all the doors open out, and all the windows open in. We’ve opted for an extra foil on the outside of the uPVC which looks like brushed aluminium.

The last of the doors will be finished tomorrow, and then on Monday the large sloping windows and the large window in the master bedroom will be put in place by old-school rope and pully. We decided not to bring a crane onto site and the team at Warm Windows have been practising setting up the rigging and manoeuvring them in the factory before they try for real on site on Monday. Then they have a couple of days of fine-tuning and installing hardware on site before it’s all completed. We’ve master-keyed all the doors so a single key will work all around the house. The frosted finish in the bathrooms and entranceway is quite different to anything we’ve seen locally, and it diffuses the light amazingly well into the rooms, almost glowing.

Once we’re water-tight we can start the inside trades with earnest, and we’ll be installing significant amounts of Earthwool® glasswool insulation later next week, then the pro clima ‘intello’ wrap, and then our air pressure test (blower door) for Passive House compliance (less than 0.6 air-changes per hour at 50 pascals). Of course the team at AWS Electrical will be doing as much of the internal wiring as possible and they will also be putting the cables in for the solar panels next week. Power Technology have been on site this week installing all the brackets to hold the PV panels, which are due for installation on the 24th of February. The lighting designers from Ideal Electrical Nugent St have been finalising the lighting plan which will be featuring a wide range of Philips lights, and we’ll be getting samples to site early next week and checking them all before signing it off.

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