IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

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Some photos of our roof, from Dimond Roofing and installed by Right Now Roofing. Colorsteel Max from NZ Steel, in a 0.55 thick, commercial profile (suitable for our coastal location). The sheets are around 20 metres long, and we had just 10 sheets over the house allowing installation in just one morning. We had to get an extra-long truck to deliver these, and then they were carefully man-handled up onto the roof. As the home only has a 6 degree pitch, we wanted to ensure that we could keep these as single sections to eliminate joins or laps.





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Roof Shout!

Yes, our roof is on! Thanks to Right Now Roofing for the installation and with the help of Dimond Roofing for materials. The 10 sheets arrived on an over-length truck, and were man-handled up over the scaffolding and onto the roof. Given the simplicity of the roof design these only took a morning to install and screw down. Right Now Roofing will be back later to install the relevant flashings to make the home totally water-tight.

We had a great celebration this evening, and thanks to the following guest speakers, who informed us on the following areas:

  Matthew Cutler-Welsh, NZGBC – Homestar
  Matt Wilson, S3 Architects – Designing the Ideal House
  Kara Rosemeier, PHINZ – Introduction to Passive Houses
  Julie Anne Genter, Green Party MP – Energy efficient housing

The James Hardie 6mm RAB (rigid air barrier) is now installed, and all the windows have their ProClima fashing tapes, all ready for the windows to arrive. These should be here from Europe around the 22nd of January, and then Warm Windows will be fixing the timber liners, and installing these into the home late January/early February.

We have now chosen the colours of the exterior, and the window and cladding flashings have been ordered, and due to arrive on site on the 15th of January. We have chosen Grey Friars for the top section of the house (James Hardie Stria, vertically mounted), and Appliance White for the bottom section (James Hardie Linea 150mm weatherboards).

The builders have nearly completed installing the external cavity battens, however things will ramp up when the flashings arrive next year and then most of the exterior can be clad. This will be finished once the windows arrive, and it will be “all-on” to get the outside painted so we can return the scaffolding, and the fun starts fitting out the interior.

We will be installing the R5.2 Earthwool(r) glasswool in the ceiling over the Christmas holidays, now it’s protected from the rain. We made models of the wall, floor, and ceiling for the roof shout, and will show photos below of the main parts of the structure. Viking Skellerup will be in shortly after Christmas to waterproof the garage roof deck, and outside of the master bedroom recess.

Thanks for everyone’s interest this year, and we wish everyone a merry and safe Christmas break. It will be all go from mid January, and it will be an eventful few months with a target completion date set at the end of April ’14.


Kara Rosemeier, PHINZ – on Passive Houses


Matt Wilson, S3 Architects – Designing the Ideal House


Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters.


A model on display at the house showing the I-Beams from NZWoodProducts, R5.2 Earthwool(r) glasswool from Knauf Insulation, Solitex Mento Plus from ProClima, and insulated Cavibats (which the steel roofing sits on top).


A model in the home showing the exterior wall, looking from the inside. The green panels are 6mm RAB (rigid air barrier) from James Hardie, standard 90mm framing (140mm on South wall), R2.8 Earthwool(r) glasswool from Knauf Insulation (R3.2 on the South wall) Intello air-check from ProClima, another layer of R1.3 Earthwool glasswool, and then the interior lining (e.g. James Hardie Villaboard in the wet and high traffic areas).


Our beautiful roof, all ready for our 8kW solar PV array.