IDEAL House – New Zealand

Project Goals: Certified Passive House, Positive Energy & 8/10 Homestar design. Proudly supported by IDEAL Electrical Suppliers.

Welcome to the iDEAL journey

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Welcome to the blog of the iDEAL House. Over the next six months or so, join us on a journey of groundbreaking residential energy efficient construction in New Zealand. The project is the result of several years working with the School of Architecture at the University of Auckland, with initial concepts being drawn by Paola Leardini (Lecturer) in mid-2012. It is situated in beautiful Beachlands, a thriving coastal community located in the Pohutukawa Coast region of Auckland.

The iDEAL House plans to be one of the most efficient in New Zealand, whilst keeping to a “main-stream” budget. Designed for a family of five, it not only aims to be  a comfortable, healthy, energy-conscious home but also to produce a surplus of electricity which will be fed back into the national grid.

The project’s primary supporter is iDEAL Electrical (Rexel Energy Solutions) who will be the supplier of LED lighting, Photovoltaic (PV) Generation, and electrical supplies. The project is also supported by a wide range of innovative New Zealand companies who are showcasing their progressive products and services in this build.

Key features of the structure, which will be detailed during the construction period, will include a high level of insulation and air-tightness, double (edited 9/13) triple- glazed lowE windows, heat exchanged ventilation, recycled materials when practical, water harvesting and conservation as well as specific energy efficient design.

We’re building on the experiences from recent eco-builds such as the first certified Passive House in Australasia which was recently completed in Glendowie, Auckland. Our hope is that our own experience designing and building the house, along with publishing them on this blog, will make energy efficient building more transparent and accessible to a wider range of people. We also hope that others will be encouraged to pursue energy-efficient design and sustainable construction methods.

Following the completion of the project, the IDEAL House will be open one day per weekend on a fortnightly basis to interested parties.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.

Murray & Lee Ann Durbin – Owners

One thought on “Welcome to the iDEAL journey

  1. What a fabulous idea, well thought out and planned. I believe you have a real success on your hands. Thank you for sharing this journey with us all.

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